Back in the Kimchi Land

I spent more than a month in the Philippines, I thank God for the chance to be with my family and friends after almost a year in South Korea. It was a vacation that was just simple, yet it hit me on my head when realizations started to come …

Yes, I am jobless. No matter where you look at it, anyone who’s in their 20’s should be capable enough to get a decent job and earn a living. I will never forget when I accompanied my mother to the site inspection of the property that she and her friends are selling. Perhaps, my mother’s friend noticed that I am just hanging around with my mom for the past days she has seen me. So she popped this question “What  course did you take in College?” So I answered “Communication po.” Then she replied, “So, there, it is not difficult to find a job.” My mother’s friend said it in a way to answer her questions, why is this girl who has graduated from a good university chose to be jobless. I didn’t answer. I felt sad.

Sometimes, we know when it is a situation when you don’t owe anyone an explanation. I was glad my mother was there. My mother is very humble, and I think she has not told people about me taking my masterals in South Korea. Something that is very rare for a Filipino who’s expected to build a good career and help their family out. My mother summarized it in a way that really touched my heart (that I am crying while typing this…) , My mother told her friend that right after graduation, I have worked for years that I was a great help to the family during that time.

It was a difficult decision to quit my job and grab the opportunity to study in Korea, but I am about to start my second and final year now for this degree. If I will still hold this guilt up to the end, I don’t think I will be able to survive. For now, I just feel grateful for my parents for allowing me to accept this scholarship. I love you and I promise that you will never regret your decision.

I have two semesters to take, hopefully in February 2012 I will graduate. For now, I need to be inspired , to have my parents, family and friends supporting me. So I want to offer this to them:

It was just yesterday that I got to see my grades last Fall semester.  straight A+’s! yahooo!



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