Hani and Rae

I was just using Smartbro during my vacation in Manila. The internet was very slow to sustain audio streaming, so I only got the chance to listen to our 4th radio guesting in Kiss Radio/ Woongjin Multicultural Radio (regular radio program of DJ Regina) when I came back here in Korea. Ofcourse it is weird to listen to your own voice, but I was curious how did it turn out. We had some mistakes with some tunes and guitar chords, but if it is too perfect it will not sound natural, natural meaning we were just there with our acoustic guitar (take note , not acoustic-electric, it is my personal guitar from my friends) and a small rainmaker which I got from Palawan (which we use as our percussion instrument), and with that, we sound like just having Makgeolli (막걸리 – Korean Rice Wine) while singing in front of our Dormitory haha! here’s the link to our 4th guesting in wjf.kr

Thank you DJ Reg for the opportunity to sing in your radio program! And thank you for creating our facebook community! Salamat po sa mga Pinoy sa Korea! 🙂


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