Millions (2004)


When I was still in college, we would usually go to Quiapo to buy a bulk of pirated DVD’s. I know it is not a thing to be proud of, but of course during that time, that is the cheapest and most convenient way to watch Hollywood movies. One of the DVD’s I bought was “Millions”. I have never heard of that movie before, so I got curios with the title, plus the photo of the cute boy in the DVD cover.

I brought it home, and showed it to my sisters.  Like me they were all excited to see the movie. But the DVD is defective. I bought 2 more copies, and still, they aren’t working. I was talking about 6 years ago, so upon seeing the defective DVD again during my vacation, I decided to look for a clearer copy in the internet.


Okay, let’s talk about the movie now… The story revolves around a young boy who fortunately or unfortunately found a huge bag filled with millions of money while he’s in his playhouse made of old boxes, beside the railway.

The boy’s name is Damian, a seven year old boy, innocent, and he is fond of Saints. He can even talk to them in the movie, something that I never taught could happen in this particular movie. Perhaps my expectation was to see how will this boy have fun and manage to make the most out of his sudden wealth. Damian shared what he found to his older brother, Anthony, who was the one who wants to spend the money on a lot of stuff, he even wants to buy their house and condo unit.

To my surprise, the first thing that Damian did was to buy birds and release them all. From a boy who looks up to Saints (he could tell the name of the saint and the date they died or perhaps date when they became saints) he wants to use the money to help the poor. It’s funny how he asks people “Are you poor?”. If they say yes. Damian would say “Great!”, she goes home and get a lot of money to give to the poor. His innocence is entertaining!

So the conflict comes when the brothers discovered where the money came from.

I love those shots while he’s playing in the field next to the railway, when he released the birds, and those shots when he talks to the saints in a very casual manner, like they are really friends having a good conversation.

Damian talking to a Saint while changing into his pyjamas

There were scenes where there’s a little suspense. You will also find yourself smiling even there was no effort for a comic scene, just pure innocence and kid’s conversations.

Not what I have expected. And not the way I want the movie to end. Overall it was a simple movie. The imagination of the direction made a whole lot of difference. Kids know how to spend their money, but they don’t know the responsibility behind it.


4 out 5 Chocnuts for this movie!


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