Cannister seat?

Last night, Claudine was craving for samgyeopsal (삼겹살); a Korean Grilled Pork dish. We went to the restaurant at around 7:00 PM, and we were just lucky to get a seat, the restaurant has a lot of customers!

The restaurant is just a small place, but it can accommodate  50-60 persons. But here’s what caught my attention. The cannister seats. For a small restaurant, utilizing available space is very important. The seats in the samgyeopsal place are not just ordinary seats, those were simple steel cannisters, covered with leatherette covered foam, and when you remove the foam, you can put your bags inside the cannister.

You’ll save space and you need not to worry about your belongings even until you get drunk. The concept is just simple, the cannister seats are just plain black, and designed to save space in a crowded restaurant.

by the way, about our samgyeopsal, it was really good. We paid 6000 won each. It had a good serving of pork slices, my favorite keran jim (steamed egg) and tofu soup. We felt guilty after eating a lot so I asked Claud if we could walk around Yeokgok station, and back to the dormitory.


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