Yes, I am now a teacher!

I always say that I will never be a teacher… perhaps  because I feel that I need to stay away from school because most of our time were already spent in school. (haha something that I am not expecting a Korean to understand, because I am aware of how they love to study, and spend more time in school. Most of Koreans graduate from their universities at 25-26 yrs old, when I started to work at 19.) Anyway, since I came back to Korea, I’ve been busy teaching English to 3 Korean kids.

yes, i’m doing this because I need a part-time job (아르바이트 : Aribait, as they call it ) here in Korea. It is not easy to just depend on our monthly allowance, so I tried teaching since summer last year. The first 2 kids I taught in Suwon are now in New Zealand to study more English (by the way, just a little trivia… Do you know that it is more expensive to live in Philippines than in New Zealand? yes!). Parents can pay you from 10,000 to 20,000 korean won per hour. Some people think that is just a very easy task, well, it is not. Before  I go to my student’s house, I make sure I have a lesson plan, printed all the materials necessary for our activity, a good topic for conversation, a movie to watch; you should not face them unprepared. I want them to learn from me. And I feel inspired everytime I see improvement in their English skills. It keeps me going.

I remember when Jina rushed in their house from school and then shouted ” Omma, Raechelle Sonsaengnim Odi-Isseoyo?” “Mom, where is Teacher Raechelle?” Although, I have been teaching only on my second week during that time. haha I miss her.

Last week, I let my students to watch “Tangled”, without Korean subtitles, so they can practice their listening skills in English, after watching the movie, I prepared questions to test them. They liked the activity, before going home, Denise told me “Teacher, today was really fun and interesting.”  It’s a form of fulfillment that I only felt in teaching. I am considering to teach as a part-time instructor after I get my masters degree. I am considering to still feel this sense of fulfillment in the future, even after my tutoring experience here in South Korea.

my student's painting. he's 5 years old by the way. we mix games, and arts while learning English. a 5 -yr old's attention span is just 3 to 5 minutes. haha


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