New “Home” for New Semester

after more than a week of staying  at the training center (our temporary dorm while the dorm admin said that the dormitory will undergo some renovation), we finally get to move back to our Dormitory. Truly, the Korean “ondol” or the  Korean floor panel heating system is a brilliant invention, but it is not always comfortable to sleep because it is too hot, and nothing beats a decent bed when you want  long hours of sleep.

here’s how our room looked. imagine there are more 20 people in this room, mattresses were laid on the floor, so as our luggages, there’s no space to walk through, and you’re lucky if someone hasn’t stepped on you while sleeping. Anyway, maybe that’s what you will really get when you pay for 4,000 won a night.

For this spring semester, I was finally given a room in the 15th floor, and not only that! I got the corner room which is the biggest among all the 4-person rooms. I was the first to move in the room so I got to choose my bed, my study table and my closet. This will be my little space for the rest of the spring semester. Come summer vacation and we will still go back to the Ondol Room. here’s my new home for this semester!


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