Korean kids

오늘은 정말 피곤했다. Today was very tiring. My saturdays are usually like this: wake up at 6AM, take the bus at 7:45AM. And then 2 hours of travel to Suwon to teach 2 kids from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. I should not complain. Maybe today’s just overwhelming, the boy isnt in the mood to learn, while the girl would rather watch videos than read english books. The 8-year old kid that Im teaching right now loves to draw, and here’s one of her drawings:

korean puppy love

It says “오늘은 준호가 나 찬테 첫눈에 반했다 그리고 오늘준호가 나 찬테 뽀뽀를 두 번 했다.” In English, Today, Jun-ho and fell in love (like love at first sight), and today Jun-ho and I kissed, twice.”

My student told me that Jun-ho is her boyfriend. Did I mention that she’s only 8-years old?

Well, I told her she’s still very young to have a boyfriend, this takes me back to my younger days… did I do the same when I was 8 yrs old?


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