I (h)ate cockroach!

I hate cockroaches! well who likes them anyway?! Last night, we went out to try the  딸기 막걸리 (talgi makkeoli) or the Strawberry flavored Rice wine. We wanted to celebrate the anniversary of our batch, but still we were not complete to celebrate, but still we managed to keep the fun running. Twamzy got drunk, so we tried our best to assist her to walk back to the dormitory while we were all freezing and laughing. Thanks batchmates for a wonderful evening.

Let’s talk about exotic food. Well, I haven’t been very adventurous when it comes to food. But I tried this korean street food that looks like a cockroach to us, it is called Bondaegi. It looks disgusting and it smells disgusting too. So why will you eat it? It is actually not a cockroach, haha it is  a Silk Worm Pupae that’s seasoned, boiled, then slightly roasted. Chung said it tastes like Pizza. Elliot said it tastes just like chicken. So just to feed my curiosity, I tried it. It tastes like shrimp. It tastes good. Just don’t smell it. Please.


Thanks Gerad for the Photos!



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