Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring (2003)

One thing or Four (4) things I like about South Korea is its Four (4) seasons, especially because I grew up in a country with only sunny and rainy season. I saw this movie last month, the trailer looks very inviting. It’s about a Buddhist monk and how his life could change drastically  like how the seasons change. The setting of the movie is unbelievable, makes me want to search for this place before I graduate next year. Because of the 4 seasons, you could imagine how long they waited for the seasons to change to finish filming the entire movie.

I had the screen capture of the above scene, I was so intrigued by this door, which they use consistently when there’s no walls in the room, even in the lake where their floating monastery is. I don’t know much about Buddhism , so I can’t answer my own inquiry.

The movie literally has only 10 actors in the movie, no extras. There are a lot of scenes where there’s no script. There are some scenes that show the same thing, the monk walking his way to peak of the mountain, carving letters on the wooden floors, if your attention span is very low, and you love to see new scene after a new scene, well, some parts of the movie can bore you. Good thing the movie’s setting is really a nice environment, Oh well, perhaps less script to feel the serene setting.

hmm, another thing, this is Rated-R. so not for youngsters.

3 out of 5 packs of Philippines’ Dried Mangoes for this movie:


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