Guitar App on iPad

I have mixed emotions on this guitar application on iPad. Thanks Naz for letting me try this on your iPad. I remember trying the guitar app on an iPhone, but because iPhone is a small device, you really don’t get to feel like holding an instrument in your hand. It is awkward when you try to do the chords and strum the strings. today, I was able to try this improved guitar app on iPad. First, I was mad. Mad because the app allows anyone to play this “virtual guitar” without knowing the chord finger placement. All you need to do is press the desired chord, available on the left side of the iPad. (in this screen cap, B chord is highlighted in blue.) And then strum the strings all you want. Take note, you can also do plucking. Amazing! Right?!? Second, I was so amazed, that I really want to cry. Although I am mad at this app for enabling a non-guitar player to play a guitar, (learning guitar isn’t easy you know!). For this app, I have a reason to dream of having an iPad 2. How I wish I could have it, so it will be like carrying my guitar, anywhere, anytime. For sure, there will be more bands that will try to sing their songs using an Apple ensemble like this band, “Atomic Tom” who used iphones for their music video after they lost their instruments. Want to see their video? click here.

why am I so affected? it just reminds me how much I wanted a guitar when I was in Elementary. My father promised that he will buy me a guitar if I do good in school. From elementary, I was just an average student, then in 1st year highschool, I became the 4th honors. It was a huge leap, just to get hold of my own guitar. It took my father 2 years before he granted my wish. I now have this guitar for more than a decade now… it is  a woodland guitar so its sound is really amazing.

Play a Guitar and Win a Friend. Earlier, we were killing some time in the dorm lobby, I brought my guitar just to strum some tunes and sing, until Professor Jerry joined us, who loves jazz and classical guitar music. Although I mostly play rock, pop and ballad in my guitar. In just few minutes, a guy approached me, and ask me if my guitar is a classical guitar. He looks very excited, so I told him that he can try my guitar. So, he sat with us, and played some  of  classical and rock songs. He’s really good, he’s not from any band. He plays guitar as a hobby like me. I told him that I broke my guitar tuner, he said he has a tuner in his dorm room. So he got the tuner and his guitar to jam with us for some more minutes. Thanks  Hyung Geun. It was nice to meet you! Keep on playing!


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