I got in!

I just came from the audition for Arirang Top Talent in cooperation with Yeoksam Global Village Center.

It was in Gangnam, it is like Makati in Philippines. It is a busy business district in Seoul, so people in corporate attires were staring at me while I was carrying the acoustic guitar that I borrowed from School. For the audition, I sang “가로수 그늘 아래서면”  by 이문세. It is an old song, but I really like it. While I was in vacation in Philippines, I started to get busy with my guitar, and find the right chords for the song, and that’s what I sang in front of them in the audition.

Arirang taping will be on April 2. hihihi I can bring along as many friends as a I wish. But the staff also told me to bring a Korean friend who could help me to communicate with them. My level 2 in Korean language isnt enough at this point. But I am still trying. Although, today, I didnt attend the Korean language class because of the audition today. haha I know my teachers will understand.

waaah, last night, I was very stressed. Problems at home, delayed release of allowance, comprehensive exams, and the audition.

I went to Gangnam today with only 2500 in my Tmoney card and 2,000 Won in my wallet.

I am grateful. Thank you Lord for this day! 🙂



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