It’s not a Fairy tale. Don’t Expect a Happy Ending

Blue Valentine (2010)

The characters are interesting. The situations can move you. Here’s a story about a married couple trying to fix their relationship. First few scenes, differences in parenting style, differences in career types. The  guy is sentimental and romantic, free-spirited. The girl is practical. The was once a med-student.  The works in a movers company.

Again, I don’t know exactly what I am looking for a movie. Why I felt something was missing. But I should remind myself again and again that It’s not a Fairy tale. Don’t Expect a Happy Ending.

Reviews in the internet says it is an intelligent movie.

The acting was convincing. The story was not presented in an order, but it was easy to follow with some inserts of flashback scenes, but good transitions from present to past sequences.

Ryan Gosling’s character “Dean” is very rare. Great job.

I really like the images in the end credits. Fireworks layered on the main characters photos.

3.5 out of 5 chocnuts for this movie


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