Stuffed at Costco

This is what we always look forward to every time we visit Costco. Just after  you crossed the road to get to Costco, you can already smell the delicious  pizza. Their giant pizza costs 12,500 won. It can satisfy  four  people, you can even bring home a slice if most of your friends couldn’t handle it anymore. Bulgogi Pizza is the best.

Costco Yangpyung is near (Line 2)  Yeongdungpo-gu Office Station, that’s 2 stations away from Sindorim. Take exit 1 or 2, then walk for 10 minutes.

I applied for the membership last September 2010. It was for 30,000 won. You’ll get your card, after 10 minutes, just present your passport or ARC if your a foreigner. Once a member, you can bring as many friends as you can.

I don’t suggest to go there on a Sunday, it’s really crowded. Saturday is fine. Bring your canvass shopping bags, Costco, like other Korean supermarkets care for mother earth by not providing plastic bags to their customers.

We head back to the university with boxes of cereals, oatmeal, canned chicken breasts, swiss miss choco, Philippines’ dried mangoes, potato chips, nuts. If only our allowance would increase this year, it would be great to go back and shop for more food. Personally, I like going to supermarkets than to malls to shop for clothes or shoes. I enjoy looking at new products, reading their labels, taking risks, and giving new products a chance. You can hire me to be your Costco personal shopper! haha


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