Myeongdong Rush

I noticed that  after the release of our allowance, some of my friends immediately go to Myeongdong (명동). Our allowance isn’t a huge amount, we really struggle to budget monthly. So my friends would sometimes go to Myeongdong, either to shop, window shop, eat, buy Krispy Kreme, Eat Red Mango Frozen Yogurt, buy original CD’s or if we lack budget, just to look around and eat some Korean “filling” street food.

Myeondong is a popular shopping district in Seoul. There’s a lot to see. Shops compete with their store concept and designs, and the convincing power of their salesman. Here’s  a foreign cosmetic shop in Myeondong. It has to stand out among the mushrooming Korean cosmetic shops in Myeondong, well their store design can really made some heads turn.

Myeongdong has a wide range of street foods available. Here’s a good treat, it is friend mandu (dumpling) served with grated cabbage with sweet & sour sauce.

Earlier, Twamzy and I tried the soft served ice cream available on the streets, the flavor was green tea yogurt. It was only W 1,500. But it is a huge serving on a cone. I also like the kebab and shawarma near the H&M store.

We went to Myeondong to buy shoes. Twamzy and I bought sneakers at the Converse store, which closed their shop right after we paid. Most of the shops in Myeongdong close at 10:00 PM, some even earlier. Maybe they extend store hours every weekend (Oh, just a warning, weekends? expect A LOT OF PEOPLE in Myeondong).

Thanks Coelli for going with us to Myeondong today. Coelli taught us a new way to go to Myeongdong from our school, you can take Line 2; Euljiro 1-ga station, then exit 6, then walk straight, until you find “Noon Square”. We usually take Line 4, Myeondong Station, or Line 1 – City Hall Station, but with this, you just need to walk for about 15 minutes through an underground shopping place.

If you just want to kill time, release your stress, Myeongdong can be a good place to visit in Seoul.

For Catholics, you might also want to take some time to pray while you’re in Myeongdong. Visit the Myeongdong Cathedral, for the schedule of the masses in Myeongdong, you can visit Myeongdong cathedral website.


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