Walking around Suwon Station 수원역

Around Suwon Station (수원역), you will find a lot of shops, numerous green buses, a a big mall connected to the subway station. Going to Suwon, you need to take Line 1 (Sinchang  or Seodongtan bound trains), then get off at Suwon Station (after Hwaseong Station). From Guro, it will take you about 40 minutes. here’s the link, if you need the subway map.

Our class has been to Hwaseong Fortress and Suwon Korean Folk Village. So last saturday, I decided to walk around the station. You can find a lot of restaurants, shops, cafe’s (there’s Cafe Bene- which I really wish I can try soon), cosmetic shops (ofcourse!). If you’re tired of the shops along the street, across is the huge AK Mall where there are more high end shops and a lot of food choices.

It was lunch time when I decided to walk around, I havent had even breakfast, so Doenjang Jjigae would really be a good treat.  Doenjang Jjigae (된장 찌개) is a Korean tofu stew with Soy Bean Paste. When I first tried it last year, some of my korean friends told me that I may not like it because of it’s smell. The smell isn’t strange at all for me. I had this meal for only W 3,500.


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