Yeah, Spring!

It’s spring time once again here in South Korea! I love spring (봄. bom)! One of the reasons why I wanted to go to Korea is to see Cherry blossoms!   In Philippines we only have sunny days and rainy days. To experience the 4  seasons here in Korea is such a blessing for me. Tomorrow, weather forecast says it will be 16°C. 내일 날시가  좋을거에요. 봄은 아주 사랑해요!

In our movie story writing class, we were in the process of brainstorming for movie ideas. Our Professor told us to write about something that you know, something that you have experienced. In class, I have been very vocal on how I hated my ex-boss. My ex-boss is a micro-manager, she wants to see what everyone else is doing. She wants to be copied in all e-mails. She wants to know what you are doing in a daily basis. For 2 years I felt like  a machine working for her, and trying to juggle all things that they want me to do. I didn’t feel trusted. She’s as old as my mother, but she’s controlling me like she thinks I am her daughter. Well, I f I am a psychologist, that’s how I would analyze what happened between us. And I think I could have grown as a professional more if I have chosen a different career. Anyways, it has a year since I handed her my resignation letter. She has no Idea that I have plans of pursuing a master’s degree. I didnt express any intention that I will quit my job, until I handed her my resignation saying:

“This is to render my resignation in the company. I have made a decision to pursue graduate studies. I would like to inform you that February 14 will be my last day in the company because I need to prepare for the start of the “Spring” semester.”

My ex-boss : “Spring Semester?”
Raechelle : “Yeah, Spring!”

I didn’t put the university’s name in my resignation letter. There’s no spring in Philipines so the fact that I wrote “Spring” semester, made her eyes bigger. hahaha!!!

So I wanted to use “Yeah, Spring!” in my screenplay! Thanks to my ex-boss for an idea for my homework!


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