Korean Knot

Last Thursday I had to meet the Arirang Director and his staff in Angguk (Bukchon Hanok Village). They need some videos of me travelling in South Korea, so they decided to bring me to a Traditional Korean Knot Workshop. We went to Dong-Lim Knot Workshop.

These knot creations are very special because it started as a very precious accessory for the Hanbok or the Tradional Korean Dress. There were foreigners and Koreans trying to learn how to make their own korean knot in Dong-Lim. You can buy items like necklace and keychains that ranges from 5,000 won to 10,000 won. Ofcourse those items made of silk are much more expensive. If you are interested to go to Dong-Lim and meet the patient ladies who will teach you how to do the 매듭(me-deup) or the tradional knot click here.

So here’s my finished product, a dragonfly keychain:


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