Look who’s Cooking!

I saw “Nanta”  (난타) today! It was just a show with 5 performers, but they can deliver more than what you expect before you step in the theater! Totally Amazing! The 4 main characters can dance, sing (not belters, but for me they have good sense of tone), they can act, they can make you laugh, they can encourage audience participation, and ofcourse , the main attraction of the musical, the improvised kitchen tools used in creating uniquely “Nanta” music.

The idea itself is remarkable, who would have thought of chopping and stirring to be a great source of music? They use real ingredients, real tools and even real stove, so take note where the fire extinguisher is placed. hahaha but I don’t think accidents could happen in the set. They perform effortlessly!


If you want a discount, you must visit Nanta’s website, log-in to avail of the 10% discount. Ticket Prices range from VIP seat 60,000 won, next yellow seat 50,000 won, and the cheapest is the 40,000 won ticket. We took the 50k tickets, and because my friend stays in a hostel which is  Nanta’s partner, we got 10% discount.

At first I was thinking, how will they sustain a 100-minute show? It’s almost same duration with a movie, if it will just be about kitchen percussion ensembles, it will be boring, that’s what I said to my self before buying tickets. But I was wrong, the show isn’t boring. I love the variety. The performers are multi-talented! What more could I say? If you’re in Korea now, go and reserver your seat! It is a must-see show before you leave South Korea!


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