Inside the Seoul Mini Green Bus (photo by Manong Razz)

My friend, Chris was here in South Korea for a visit. He went to my university last Friday, while waiting for me at the university gate, he accidentally dropped his iPhone. He realized it was gone when he was already waiting for me in a cafe, where I instructed him to wait while I’m still in class. When I went to meet him, that’s ofcourse the first time he told me “I lost my iPhone!”. OMG! Really?!

Why was I very worried? Because it is past 5:00 PM, and the Lost and Found section at the University is already closed. Is it because It would be very difficult for me to explain in Korean Language the situation, which is necessary for us to do because we need to go around the area and ask the people around us? Because will it be impossible it to get it back?

We called his number, thank God for his roaming connection, it was nerve wracking. But, a man answered the phone. He’s a bus driver, of those mini green village buses that we take from the subway station to the school. He said, we should meet him, just look for his bus code, and he’ll return the phone. Lucky enough, the first bus we took was the honest driver’s bus. In no time, the phone was given back to my friend. After that, I told my friend how lucky he is, that it happened it South Korea. People are honest and they show no interest for valuable things that they find, showing concern for the person who has lost that property. I found myself putting the same situation in Manila setting. If he dropped his phone somewhere, he should not expect to get it back anymore, but I found this article:

Honest driver returns P.5M

Just few days ago, a tricycle driver in Tuguegarao City returned a bag containing valuables amounting to half a million pesos to his passenger who has left it in his tricycle. Mr. Gil Maramag, you have proven me wrong. You have just reminded me that there’s hope in Philippines, and that people can live an honest life, set aside personal interests and show concern to others.  


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