Holy week in South Korea

it’s already Maundy Thursday, but here I am guilty of not doing anything to reflect on my life and true meaning of lent. Holy week in Philippines is different. Ofcourse, it is very hot in Philippines during the holy week, there are no classes, and maundy thursday and good friday are considered public holiday. Families are either going out of town or in their homes, watching lenten season-related shows on TV.  But here in Korea, it is cold and it is the midterm exams week. South Koreans have mixed beliefs, they are very much free to choose their own religion, some families can be composed of a Catholic Mom, a Buddhist Dad and an Atheist  son or daughter. So with that, there is really a big difference with  how they observe the holy week, than in Philippines where majority of the citizens are Catholics.

Last Sunday, Palm Sunday, I was able to go to Myeongdong Cathedral, so I got this as “Palaspas” / Palm:

Palaspas in South Korea

while these are Philippines’ “Palaspas”

let’s take time to reflect and pray.


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