Falling Slowly

April 20, 2011 – I had the chance to go around Yeouido Park with Coeli. It was midterms week but we decided to escape from the stressful environment at the university, so after our Korean language exam, we headed to Yeouido through Line 5, Yeouido Station.

We could have joined our friends who visited Yeouido over the weekend, but we thought  it wont be  a good idea because it will be flocked with a lot of visitors. It’s my first time in Yeouido, so Thanks Coeli for being the tour guide.

by the way, 2 days before we visited  Yeouido Park, it rained, so I was really sad because it will destroy the cherry blossoms. But luckily, we still saw some nice trees.

Here are some of them.

where is Coelli?

there were Magnolia flowers too, right King Sejong?

while walking in the park, you would see some couples biking, some reading while sitting on the benches, others having a picnic, others, are alone, but they managed to bring a book, grapes, a bottle of wine and a wine glass… classy while lying on the grass. And, while walking, it is impossible for you not to notice these wonderful flowers:

some strolled along the park with their pets too:

and there’s an area where there’s a lot of propellers, “elisi” as we call it in “Tagalog” (our language in Philippines)

while I’m writing this post, it continues to rain. It started last night, too bad for some of our friends who are in Jeju island right now hahaha. Yes, it is raining , and back to 14 degrees Celsius. I’m okay with the cold weather, it’s  just that the rain washes the cherry blossoms away.

I wish I had more time last week to visit Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Google it! and you’ll be amazed! If you want to go shopping and you still want to nice cherry blossoms , go to Gasan Digital Complex station, Line 1, Take Seodongtan or Suwon Bound trains. Very beautiful. Goodbye Cherry blossoms, Goodbye Spring. Is this really my last Spring in Korea? ㅠㅠ


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