First Love: A Thai Movie

My friends were so crazy about this movie: First Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love). On the first quarter of the movie, I was not really impressed, I was even comparing it to the Filipino love stories, where you can feel the “Kilig” or the feeling of having a crush on someone or loving someone. The movie features a highschool girl who changed herself from her physical appearance to her interests in school (like joining a drama club or leading the town band as a majorette). If this is the formula for the movie’s first half, I can also find it in Star Cinema movies like “Very Special Love” or “You Changed my Life” ( there are other movies of same genre in the Philippines but, these popped out of my mind instantly)  if I am to compare this movie to Philippines’ love story films.

So what made a difference? Maybe it was the flasback. It was a good surprise, it can tickle even the most insensitive person that you know.

This is the second Thai movie that I’ve seen, first was  “Shutter” which I reviewed last January.

3 stars out of 5 for this movie. if you have some free time, give it a shot.


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