Giving up my Jeonju Film Fest Dream

Since last year, I’ve been wanting to go to Jeonju for the JIFF or the Jeonju International Film Festival. Knowing that there are entries from Philippines, the more that I want to go there to show my support to Filipino film makers. But last year, I can’t even read Korean well, so it would be very risky if I travel alone. So, I promised my self that for the next JIFF, I shouldn’t miss it. But here I am still in school, JIFF runs only until May 6. And I should give up now, there’s nothing more that I can do.

1.] I don’t have enough money to go. 2.] I applied for the free bus to Jeonju, but failed to qualify for the tickets. Seoul to  Jeonju takes about 2 hours by bus. 3.] Ticketing is on-line, and everything should be paid using a credit card, which I don’t have as of the moment. 4.]I had a part-time job last saturday, so even If I have some money, I still can’t go.


My apologies to Mr.Kidlat Tahimik, for not being there to offer you a warm applause.

Kidlat featured in Jeonju Film Fest

I am very proud that you are one of the chosen few film masters to inspire more artists to create and support more movies.


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