Before it fades…

China and I were having lunch at the laundry room last Sunday, and that’s when we  realized that we’re both keeping simples treasures in a box:  little things that reminds us of good memories, We call ourselves “Basurera” , which means “Trash Collector”. Perhaps that’s how our moms saw the trinkets, little notes, old travel maps and a lot more. Our moms would tell us to get rid of these items because they just eat up space in our closets, but we just want to keep them. Here in Korea, I do have my own treasure box, I have movie tickets, maps, photos, notes, i still have the mini yellow post-its that 원석 used to put on my office desk whenever he leaves the office. Others may find it strange, or too sentimental. But to open the treasure box is very therapeutic. trust me.

here’s the receipt of my first purchase in South Korea, it will fade soon, so I’m putting it in my blog to remind me that the first thing that I bought in Korea was a Coffee Mug worth 6,500 won (or P 259 / 6.06 USD)


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