It was aired in 188 countries!!!

Finally! After 3 weeks of waiting, the episode was aired! In Philippines, I was able to join a game show in 2005, it was  “GAME K N B?”  It was like a  quiz game show. And it was aired nationwide. But this Arirang TV experience is far from that game show, Arirang TV can reach 188 countries! waaaah!

My mom and my sisters saw the episode 3 times in Arirang Channel. After the episode was aired, I received messages from people who has seen my performance, there were Filipinos and Koreans who dropped me a message through facebook. I am overwhelmed. Maraming Salamat po! (It  means “Thank you!” in Filipino).

Here are some clips from the talent show:

My father who has seen the episode through the arirang website  said that I had more exposures than other contestants hahaha! But the scenes above where I was in a Korean Knot Workshop was shot days after the contest. The director wanted to give some background on who I am, why am I in Korea, and what do I love about Korea.

During the contest, maybe there were 18 of my fellow Filipino scholars who came to support me and Gracey , who was also a contest who did a Tahitian Dance. But here’s more heart-warming:

above is PingPing, our Chinese friend and classmate who came to support us. She was waving the Philippine flag! Thank you Pingping!

And more shots of my friends, the judge, Ms. Kristina, and my winning moment hehehe!

If you want to see the episode for yourself, go to the Arirang Top Talent website.  And then click # 12 Gangnam-gu episode . Now… I am nervous for the Grand Finals on July.


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