Yellow VS. Gold

First of all , Congratulations to Mr. Manny Pacquaio, for winning another fight, which made the Filipinos proud. In his recent fight with Mosley, Pacquiao, who’s also a congressman in the Philippines decided to wear yellow gloves , and encouraged his supporters to wear yellow as a symbolism of fighting poverty in our country. With such intention, you would feel that there is a purpose. But after reading this article, where it says that Jinky Pacquiao, wife of Manny Pacquiao, was wearing a 7-million peso worth pair of  earrings during his husband’s fight, Pacquiao’s “Yellow campaign against Poverty” doesn’t make sense to me at all.

(photos from Getty images)

My room mate last semester was talking about how she wants a Louis Vuitton bag, then she asked me which Louis Vuitton bag would I want to own. I told her none of it. I don’t want such expensive bags. So, she was so surprised. And she kept on asking me, because she couldn’t believe why wouldn’t I want to have such bag. Oh yes, maybe you reading this would say that I don’t understand what luxury or fashion sense is, or simply I am just saying this because in the first place, I couldn’t afford a Louis Vuitton. Yes, could be. But what I couldn’t understand is how can someone buy such bag that could cost 100 times more expensive than a regular bag. Which cost’s can already feed several hungry children. How can you carry such bag with pride while you know that you could’ve shared that money to others, others who really need help, than just purchasing a piece of leather.

I told my room mate, that even if I receive a Louis Vuitton bag as a gift,  I wouldn’t accept it. There, the more she did not believe me. But I was not joking at all.


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