Important Points from Larry King

Yesterday, it was just a last minute decision to attend the Seoul Digital Forum. Didn’t set the alarm + Woke up late!!!  But I don’t want to miss it since I already got lucky to be approved to be a participant even if I applied a day passed the application deadline, same thing that happened to us when we joined the Seoul International Design Workshop last year.  That’s what I love about Korean seminars and workshops.. deadlines aren’t really deadlines hahaha

Even if I came in late, I CAME JUST IN TIME for LARRY KING’s talk.


So i would like to share to you some Important Points from Larry King :

– Despite the advanced technology that we have, we are still Human. we need to communicate and make a connection. Technology cannot replace real people. Technology can’t replace sex. “If technology can replace sex, then I would’nt be here”

– “Every person is the same, we put our pants one leg at at time”

– The world is changing, but we can’t top each other, instead we can live with each other”

– I dont wan’t to use the word “Foreign” in CNN, because we are one world… – Ted Turner, founder of CNN.

When asked , why he’s in Korea for the Seoul Digital Forum:  ” I don’t know how can an airplane fly, how a radio works, but I know how to interview and ask questions… I’m here because I can connect.”

– More important than anything is human connection.

Don’t be afraid to take risks. All great leaders took risks. You will always have failures along the way. Never be afraid to fail.

When asked how does it feel to not be on air anymore (Larry King retired recently from CNN):

“Terrible. I miss it!” Larry King said that how he wish he could still be on air covering the big stories like the Japan Earthquake and Egypt’s political unrest.  “But I don’t miss the Kardashians, he said.

When asked about the reunification of North and South Korea: ” They need to eat like you do.. Maybe South Korea should take forward steps to try to connect to the North. Because they won’t. And I believe in trying…”

How will modern technology change talk shows and news programs?: Talk shows will remain the same. People will not be replaced by robot talk show host. We will still need people talking to people.

Who among the people you have interviewed you believe in or you feel you have a common opinion? : “I feel that my opinions are irrelevant during an interview.”

Seoul Digital Forum’s Day 1 for me was a great event. How I wish I could attend Day 2 and 3, but I have classes, so I missed a lot of interesting topics especially for Day 2, they have mobile journalism, the wikileaks issue, SNS, mobile superstars, the networking dinner 😦 .

Great venue selection. Didn’t find it difficult to find the Sheraton Walker hill hotel.

Thanks for the free flowing Dunkin Donuts coffee, and the sumptous lunch. I learned a lot, Day 1’s line up of speakers were amazing, Robert Bakish, Viacom, p ce, Naveen Selvadurai, co-founder of Foursquare, Dr. Chang Gyu, and other equally amazing Korean speakers.. If you’re wondering how I handled the talks/speech in full Korean…. hmmm here’s one of the great things about the seminar.. Press 2 for English:



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