Cafe Bene: What’s so special?

A Korean friend posted this event in her page, It says Cafe Bene, one of the most popular Korean coffee shops in Seoul will open a branch in New York. Ofcourse, Koreans in the USA are so thrilled about it. I can imagine what if Jollibee would open a branch in Itaewon or Daehangno (Hyewah), I will be very excited too. So with all that craze, I decided to give it a try since, a new Cafe Bene opened near our school 4 days ago… My friends say they’re popular because of their waffles. hmmm.. let’s see.

The waffle isn’t really something that I would crave for. The dough isn’t good. My friend, So-ah said that perhaps Cafe Bene made the dough using healthy ingredients, so it would be really different from the fatty and sugar-rich waffle. I got a yogurt strawberry waffle, and a green tea frappé (which they call ” frape-no”). There’s walnut in the waffle mixture, but it really didn’t do so much. The green tea frappé isn’t good too. The interior of the coffee shop is very nice though, an ideal place to study or meet someone. If you happen to read this, so, what’s so special about Cafe Bene?


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