My Noridan Experience

I’ve been singing since I was in Elementary. I was very shy then, that even my parents didn’t know that I can sing, until our neighbor who’s my school mate told my mom about my performance in school. People say that they love when I sing and play my guitar, but after witnessing how “real performers” do it… I realized that there’s still a lot to learn. Noridan people are amazing… as if there are no boundaries when they’re on stage.

Carlo and Twamzy, when we arrived at Haja Center

We went to Haja Center in Yeongdungpo-gu Office, to audition for the Incheon International Airport Multi-cultural Choir.

Noridan, a social enterprise and a performing group  partnered with Incheon Airport to form a choir consist of  multi-cultural residents in South Korea. First of all, I am really impressed  with the vision and purpose of Noridan. They use recycled materials as their instruments, they give jobs/ opportunities to people who can express themselves through music, performing or arts.

Nongdam of Noridan

In Noridan, we met “Nongdam” (농담), in Korean, her name means “joke”. But her talent isn’t a joke at all. She’s unbelievable, she has a husky big voice, but her range is amazing , she can hit high notes, and her voice is very classy. Idol! 정말! She performs without hesitations, without any worries. no sign of nervousness. – something that I want to achieve someday. Perhaps they have mastered how to believe in their talent and be confident on stage while enjoying.

Thank you Ms. Zel Kim for these photos:

In terms of having a good time, I would like to thank the Noridan people for making us feel comfortable during the audition. It’s a pleasure to set foot on your prestigious stage. We wish you more success in creating awareness about your advocacy.


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