KBS Kpop Singing Contest

Last July 1, I went to KBS by myself, to join the the KBS World Kpop Singing Contest. It was unfortunate that my friends failed to get tickets to watch the contest and the Music Bank taping. I was thinking who will clap for me after my performance? huhuhu

But I guess, they loved my version 2NE1’s Lonely, I heard a warm applause from the audience and other contestants too. It was a bit difficult to play the guitar so loud, because there was not plug to connect it to the sound system.15 contestants who competed. Everyone loves Kpop more than I do. Most of the contestants came to the contest, because they’re really huge fans of Kpop, so you can really expect that they know the dance, and songs by heart. So , I was not really hoping for anything… until I heard them call me on stage.. 3rd Prize!!! I got a canon camera from KBS!

And because Filiponos are really talented hehehe, a Filipino, Kuya Richard Fernando won the 2nd prize.

Here’s an article about the event in Manila Bulletin website:

After the contest, we watched the taping for the program, Music Bank. It is like a variety show , where they feature the artist whose songs made it to the top hits chart. I’ve heard most of those songs, but only through the program that I got to know the artist behind those pop songs. I personally like IU, 2PM and Kim Tae Hoo. It was my dream to get in a Korean TV station’s studio. I wanted to compare to TV studios in the Philippines, basically, their set is more advanced in terms of the LCD backgrounds, fireworks effect, and the guards were very strict with their “no taking of photo policy”, but luckily I got these as souvenier:

Thank you KBS!


6 thoughts on “KBS Kpop Singing Contest

    • Hi! I just found the contest information through the KBS website. it was their anniversary that’s why they had this contest, but I think only for the month of July/

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