Mama Mia!

I just finished watching the movie! ABBA songs really bring back memories. I can’t help but sing and move a bit with it haha! Here’s a photo of me with my officemates back in December 2006:

I was one of the ABBA members, and we sang most of the ABBA hits. I still know the lyrics until now. That was my first time to dance and sing at the same time. I am thankful for that experience, I got to know more of ABBA’s songs. Those were classic.

Anyway, about the movie, the setting of the movie, the actors, and the songs of ABBA are just perfect ingredients to put up an entertaining film. I think the songs of ABBA fit well in the scenes of the movie. The movie is very colorful, you’ll wish you’re in that setting dancing with them. I’m sure after watching the movie, you’ll dream to be in a Greek island, with those white houses with blue accent, with a wonderful view of the sunset and the ocean. I first saw a setting like this in the movie “The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants”. There’s also a Filipino movie shot in Greece, “For The First Time.” Someday, i’ll make my own story in that Island, but for now, I’ll be contented listening to Mama Mia soundtracks. See you soon Greece!


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