Kahit Maputi na Ang Buhok Ko…

In Filipino, it means “Even until my hair turns white”… Sweet, Right? It is a famous, classic OPM in the Philippines by Rey Valera in the 70’s. But growing up, I thought, it was  an original of Rico Puno. Soap dish and Richard Poon also made their own version of the song.

I took this photo months ago, I didn’t mean to stalk the couple, but I am just amazed that they’re still holding each other’s hands… They’re not the only senior citizens that I’ve seen like this in Korea, there were a lot… We’ve been hearing about South Korea as an “Aging Society.” Yes, it is true. But you’ll be amazed that senior citizens can text, knows how to use a smart phone, can commute on their own, and they can take care of each other…

I am afraid of getting old, but if you know that you’ll hold your partner’s hand until this stage, or even until you die, wouldn’t it be something to look forward to?



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