For the Kids

Today, together with Carol, Karina and China, we volunteered at St. Mary’s Hospital in  Gangnam.  I was assigned to play with the kids at the Children’s ward.


Come to think of it, the hospital looks very expensive, you could tell how expensive it is too to be confined in such hospital. Financially, perhaps the children there and their families don’t need any help. So why did we go there anyway? Today, I realized that helping others and showing them that you care is not just about giving money or food as donation. Even if we only spent almost 3 hours with them, playing cards, and other games…. I think, somehow, we touched their lives, we distracted them from thinking about their health condition.  I  hope we were able to bring happiness to the kids, even with such a short time.
If you’re a foreigner in South Korea, and you want to volunteer for the kids in St.Mary’s Hospital, you may email :  . Thank you Yeoksam for that opportunity!

This reminds me of  our experience in visiting PGH (Philippine General Hospital) and  other orphanages  in 2009. It was our way of celebrating Christmae’s birthday (instead of partying or spending for an expensive dinner, we thought of that to share and spend time with kids). I was very happy that time that I have these friends who think of others and not just about themselves. It’s a confirmation that these friends that I have are not just there for fun times, for drinking, for watching movies together, they’re there to inspire, to bring the good in each of us. I love you SNK! (Sumasabog na Kalan Outdoor Club) hahaha there’s a long story behind our group’s name. I wish we can do this again when I go back to Philippines!

Let’s bring more smiles in every Kid’s faces:

Here’s a video to inspire us about being selfless and helping others:


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