Don’t you love Grocery Shopping?

This video has been circulating in Facebook since early this year. I am here at the seminar room, and chatting with business majors, Abi and Coelli. So they were asking for high tech business ideas here in South Korea. So, I remembered this and shared this video to them. It’s really a good idea, until we realized that the three of us enjoys going to the Supermarket, just looking around, reading labels, checking new products, Coelli even knows the inventory of each SM supermarket in Manila. That’s why I enjoyed my college life and the days when I was still working in Manila, I can shop for my own grocery, a training to be independent. I swear that I enjoy shopping for groceries more, than shopping for clothes or shoes (which more girls prefer to do, hahaha, but not me.)

Anyway, these people trying this way of grocery shopping might really be busy, or simply they’d like to try the service. Koreans love the feeling of receiving a package everytime they order anything from gmarket, so perhaps they’d like to enjoy the same thrill when they just need to get a box of noodles or a sack of rice. Or is being techy an excuse for being lazy?


One thought on “Don’t you love Grocery Shopping?

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