Racism in South Korea

this is an experiment made by Koreans themselves. It is heart breaking to see the reality. I was thinking earlier, what if I was the one asked to be in this experiment? would I try it? I think I wouldn’t. It is too degrading. I’m sure most of the South East Asians or other foreigners in Korea has their own experience of such.

I’d like to believe that this isn’t true, and that this will change in the future.


2 thoughts on “Racism in South Korea

    • yes.. some say that this experiment was edited to make it appear that he didn’t get any help from anyone… maybe during the experiment, there were few people with good heart and sense of concern, but maybe they were just edited out of the video. Well, this experiment can be scripted or not, but this thing really still exists in Korean setting.
      by the way, you have a nice website!^^

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