Oh Happy Day! Part 1

My day started with polishing my powerpoint for today’s thesis defense. Then, a special lunch c/o Coeli. Coeli promised to cook Kare-Kare for me, I  already forgot why, but I am glad that she still remembered her promise. I love Kare-kare, and Coeli cooked it just the way I like it (by the way, it’s here first time to cook Kare-Kare). Bravo Coeli! Thank you!

Then at 2:30 PM, we went to Professor Yim Haksoon’s office… He tried to prepare us for the thesis defense by giving us some questions that other panelist might give us, but it took him a lot of time to think of a question for my paper, telling me that my paper is well organized and well written, that he could not come up with a single question. But I was thinking,  “is it really true?” Or maybe they just don’t find interest in my paper, that’s why they can’t come up with any question related to my thesis? So that worried me at first.

I wasn’t nervous at all, I didn’t even prepare any cue cards, didn’t even prepare a printed copy of my paper… I felt like I know everything that I have written in my paper… It’s like everything is saved in my head…

In front of 3 panelist, I presented my research, using the guidelines emailed by our thesis professor… I worked hard for my powerpoint, but we were just asked to show it using my humble and aging laptop…. I had no script, I just presented my research the way I wanted to say it, and in a perspective I saw the concepts of my paper after the long research…

One professor said that he thinks that my paper is the best among my classmates who submitted their thesis. It was very surprising. Overwhelming. Just when you doubt if they really appreciate what you have written, here’s comes a confirmation of the value of your output.

I’m very happy.

I know I can still improve my research before I submit it as a hard bound copy. But today feels we are few steps closer to our dream “M.A.” after our names….

I Thank GOD for giving us the strength and the wisdom to pursue things that would lead us to our goals.

Thank you!


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