The Most Expensive Dakgalbi!

If I can remember it right, we paid 15,000 won each for a big plate of Dakgalbi!

It was double ! ( We usually pay 7,000 won per person). We didn’t look at the menu, just ordered what we saw from the restaurant’s display. We got the cheese dakgalbi (The SPecial***), IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD! But we were so surprised with the price! but we didn’t complain anymore… we just paid, because we had satisfied bellies!

I miss lunch breaks during Noraedan/Choir practice.

I miss Erick, Carlo and Ate Zel (who took this photo)

*** They say it’s good with Makkeoli or the Korean Rice Wine. hmmm… will try next time! ^^



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