went to Incheon Immigration last Tuesday. I need to change my VISA from D2 (Student  VISA) to E7.

How to go there. Take the subway, Line 1, get off at Dongincheon station, then take EXIT 7,of the underground shopping area. The bus stop is in front of Mc Donalds, take Bus 12 or 24. The immigration is 5 stops away (or six)… just check… The immigration building is on the right side,  for additional land marks, the Immigration building is across the BMW or CJ building/structure.

The immigration officers were very strict. they read my documents several times, the staff said it is very rare that a student VISA holders change status to E7. Thanks to my employer. I will get y E7 VISA in 3 weeks.

Here are the requirements for D10 to E7 status change:

– Application form

 – Passport(여권), Alien Registration Card(외국인등록증)

 – Copy of Diploma, and Transcript(성적증명서, 졸업증명서 혹은 졸업예정 증명서)

 – Photo with white background (사진, 배경은 반드시 흰색)

 – Fee: 60,000 KRW (발급비용 : 6만원)

 – Original contract and the copied one each.

my employer also prepared: '고용활용계획서'



6 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. In my experience Immigration in Korea is easier than other countries mainly because everything is in English and everyone speaks English. Congratulations on the E7 and good luck in the job.
    Also great directions, maybe moving to Incheon in the next couple of months therefore will 100% use, thanks.

  2. Hi..Congrats for E7 status.
    I have recently graduated (MS, Engineering) from a korean university (D2 VISA status, expire on 30th september,2012). I got job offer from a korean company. Now I need E7 visa. Can you please tell me what documents are required ?. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Kumar, Congrats too for the job offer.
      I suggest you process everything 3 weeks before your first day at work. Actually your company will help you with the documents that you need.
      I listed the required documents in my blog post.
      For some recently graduated students, then applying for E7, the immigration is strict in checking if your major and the job you are getting is related.
      If it is, then you dont have a problem, if not…. What’s important is that your company can explain through a letter/document that your major and line of work is related. Good luck!

      • Thanks for your prompt reply. My job is related to my major area. Actually company don’t know about the documents related to visa process. They asked me to find about it. What is ‘고용활용계획서’ ? Is there any special format for the letter/document, in which company has to explain about major and line of work ? Thanks again.

      • hi kumar, are you the first foreigner that your company will hire? because they must know the visa processing for sure. Anyway, the 고용 활용 계획서 , is a document from your company stating your job description and what will you be doing for the whole duration of your contract. as what i have explained in my last reply, the immigration wants to check if your major and job description match.
        May I ask , from which country you’re from? ^^
        One more thing, if you currently live in Seoul… I advise just proceed to Seoul Immigration… they are more friendly to foreigners and to students..

      • Hi, yes I am first foreigner that company is hiring. So, they are unaware of the visa process. I am from India. Sure, I’ll visit immigration as I am presently living in Seoul. Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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