on TV? me?


shooting kkk

Last October 2011, an EBS (a TV network in Korea) writer was looking for a Filipino for their Korean Language learning show,” EBS_함께하는 한국어.”

Since she’s also a freelancer, she asked other TV staff/writers from other networks, until she got my name and contact number from a staff from Arirang Top Talent  (a talent contest that I was part of… and luckily won last April 2011)

My final semester in CUK was too busy for me to search for that particular episode, or even wait for it to be on TV. So I didn’t see it . But this morning, our friend Marnel, tagged me on facebook, with this snapshot!

I'm on TV.. kkk ! Thanks Marnel for this photo

but still, I didn’t get to watch it.. hahaha, I totally forgot about it already. haha. But, it was a good experience, I got to  practice my korean language skill, and take note, that episode was for 중급3 (Level 3)! ㅋㅋㅋ

One of the hosts of the show, is no other than, MS. JASMINE LEE!


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